Design & Basic Engineering

dbng1. Purpose of the study

  • Location and plant description
  • Evaluation of expected annual production (electricity and thermal energy)
  • Environmental evaluation
  • Business plan

2. Preliminary design for tender (EPC)

  • Plant based criteria
  • Environmental data (noise, waste, impacts)
  • Description of equipment and/or systems (mechanical and electrical)
  • Layouts, P&ID, heat balances, etc.
  • Definition of the automation system
  • Design plan & schedule

3. Basic design of equipment/systems

Starting from a preliminary draft of the plant, provides for the development of technical specs defining the project data, wiring diagrams, P&ID, component sizing, component data sheets as a prerequisite for:

  • Purchasing requests
  • Data interface definition
  • Civil works input

Systems and/or components are those related to the mechanical and electrical BOP, typical for energy production such as:

  • thermal cycle (turbines, boilers, condenser)
  • demi and industrial water systems
  • compressed air system
  • fuel system
  • fire fighting system
  • HVAC system
  • electric power system (HV, MV and LV)
  • automation system

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