About Us

chisiamoPOWIND – Power, Transport & Industry S.r.l. based in Genoa, is born from the synergy of skills in the industrial and energy field.

In particular, the Company is organized to sell services for the constuction of systems/plants for sustainable energy given by fossil fuel and renewable sources such as solar, geothermal, hydro and biomass.

The Company employs experienced staff experienced in various disciplines gained mainly through carryng out large works.

POWIND applies the method of Project Planning Management to achieve the goals of the contract such as cost, time and quality; furthermore offers services of high operative and professional level, from planning and scheduling the tasks of the project, to on-site supervision and assistance for the construction, commissioning, start up and maintenance on civil and industrial plants.

The organization is able to meet the needs of the Customer, offering groups of Tasks Force in Italy and abroad.

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